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FloWax Bottle - 550g free flowing, pourable, white wax + 10 wicks

FloWax Bottle - 550g free flowing, pourable, white wax + 10 wicks


Free flowing & pourable candle wax and wicks.



Up to 80 hours of perfect candlelight


FloWax Candles are safe to use, as they self extinguish if accidentally tipped over.


Package includes everything you need to assemble and refresh your candle in a few easy steps:


  • 550g / 1 L free flowing, pourable, white wax
  • 10 x 5cm cotton wicks (up to 5 hours burn time / wick)
  • Instructions and safety information leaflet


Assemble your FloWax candle: 

  • Use a heat resistant vessel, min 9cm wide. 
  • Fill the vessel 2/3 with wax. Shake lightly to level
  • Add a wick vertically in centre. 5mm tip above the granules
  • Light and enjoy your candle!  


When done: 

  • Extinguish flame
  • Allow hot, melted wax to cool and harden
  • Remove by lifting the harden wax with the wick 


Refresh your candle: 

  • Top up wax (2/3), level, add new wick and light - it’s ready to be enjoyed again! 


Our wax is truly special:

It's non toxic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, sustainable sourced, paraffin-free. Slow & clean burning.


Before use: 

Please read our safety instructions and more detailed instructions on how to use and reuse our wax and wicks at

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